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Grout Cleaners and Tile Steam Cleaners in Newport News, Virginia

Tile & Grout Cleaning

For the best in residential or commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning, look no further than Unique Steaming Carpet Cleaning. Our experienced tile and Grout Cleaners go the extra mile to clean, whiten or restore your tile grout.

The tile and grout cleaning includes; cleaning bathroom grout, shower grout, tile flooring, grout stain removal and, if necessary tile grout sealer.

We also service other areas with tile flooring, from basements to kitchens as well. With over 18 years of service experience Unique Steaming Carpet Cleaning is your premier Grout Cleaning Company in the area.

Our process is second to none. We extract the dirt deep within any tile grout types and give your floor a clean you could be proud of.

Do you have ceramic or porcelain tile? The trusted and experienced staff will have your stained grout looking like new. But once your tile and grout is clean and stain free, how do you maintain that? After drying, our technicians will apply a grout sealer to seal the porous grout surface, preventing future staining and minimizing greasy buildups.

Not only is Unique Steaming Carpet Cleaning the foremost Newport News tile and grout company, we also specialize in Area Rug, Upholstery, Residential and Commercial Cleaning. We can handle any and all of your foreseeable floor care problems and issues.

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