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Pest COntrol in newport news virginia

Pest control Services

We treat for general pest, such as spiders, roaches, mice, silverfish, Camelback crickets etc... we also treat for bed bugs and install moisture barriers under the crawl space.

Moisture barriers: Keep Moisture in the Soil Where it Belongs.  This thin sheeting in the crawl space helps create a divide between water and your home. Spread uniformly across the soil and partway up onto the crawl space walls, it keeps water in the soil instead of in the crawl space.

Protect ductwork from rust and corrosion: Water and metal are never a good combination, unless you're going for that rustic look. If your home has ductwork running underneath, it's at risk of corrosion. If part of your HVAC system is installed under the house, you've got more to be concerned about.

Even galvanized, stainless and coated metal components aren't permanently safe from the damaging effects of moisture. In time, all of those protective measures can fail. And where there's a fastener, such as metal screws on ductwork, you've got a moisture point of entry. Install a barrier, and you'll help protect your systems investments. You'll also help regulate your home's temperature, which means less chance of a busted water supply line in winter.

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