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Low Moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Newport News, Virginia

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Residents of Newport News, Virginia, if you find yourself in need of commercial carpet cleaning look no further than Unique Steaming. We offer incredible results for all of your carpet and stain removal needs.

Our team is located in Newport News, Virginia and is proud to offer residents in surrounding areas our unbeatable services. We also provide help in areas like Hampton, Yorktown, Suffolk, and Carrollton with our incredible results.

If you are looking for a steam carpet cleaning, we’re the organization for you. Using the highest rated tools and equipment, we guarantee you’ll receive the most fantastic results.

Many clients take advantage of our services when they’re looking to sell their commercial property or have recently purchased one. This process can increase the appearance and value significantly!

When you find that high traffic areas have accumulated a significant amount of dirt, our carpet stain removal services will get the job done. Our step-by- step process will remove your unsightly stains and odors quickly and efficiently.

Commercial buildings that can't leave their door open for drying, often take advantage of our low moisture cleaning system. This process will clean your carpets by encapsulating debris and lifting it from your carpets. The results of this process are crystals at the top of your carpet, which we can then vacuum up.

Our professional carpet cleaners will provide you with an auto dry cleaning that will dry in less than 3-hours tops. Standard hot water methods can result in up to 6-hours of dry time, which is often unacceptable for business establishments.

With our truck mounted system and roller, we will use our electric wand to get the deepest clean possible. Choose our professionals for fantastic results.

If you’re living in the Newport News area and are in need of urgent commercial carpet cleaning services by the best professionals

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